LifeSupport Groups

What are LifeSupport Groups

We call our ministries lifeSupport groups because they support the life of our church and the lives of our members and others we are called to serve. Below are many of our lifeSupport groups and a bit about what they do.


busyLife handles the church “business.” this includes day-to-day operations, expenses, record-keeping, and general administrative duties. They work to make sure the church operates in Godly order.


embraceLife makes it their business to be sure that visitors and new members feel welcomed in our midst.


healthyLife helps to coordinate programming to educate our church and community on healthy living, mentally and physically.


prayerLife heads up corporate prayer before each service, attends to special prayer requests made by members and friends, facilitates teachings on prayer, and coordinates special events geared toward enhancing individual and collecting prayer time with God.


life+ is made up of all our "seasoned" lifers ranging in age from 50somethings and beyond. We value the gift of age diversity God has given us and we seek ways to pass down generational strength, wisdom, and blessings.


hisLife is open to all brother-friends group. This group hosts various activities to keep brothers connected, by sharing LIFE!


YALife is made up of our college and graduate students, young professionals, and anyone else who is a young adult (even if only at heart)!


hospitalityLife is our hospitality team and provide everything from warm hugs on Sundays, to fun "lobby" activities, and help with welcoming our guests. All are invited!


eLife is responsible for visual and audio production as well as church advertisement (flyers, banners, newsletters, etc)
and anything else media-related.


Yep, we have a farm! farmLife does the "dirty work," heading up planting, harvesting, and other related efforts on our
farmland in Chapel Hill.


lifeOut is the name of our outreach and evangelism team. lifeOut coordinates regular charity donations and special outreach and evangelism events throughout our community.


worshipLife includes our band, worship team, dance ministry (danceLife), and other ministries dedicated to creative expressions of Godly worship.


loveLife is made up of the married couples of our church. We are intentional about sharing with and supporting each other to maintain the gift of love that God has given through marriage.


herLife is open to all sister-friends. This group hosts various activities to keep sisters connected, by sharing LIFE!


Our youth ministry holds children’s church and coordinates several types of activities to reach youth in our church and in our surrounding communities. Our goal is to show children and teens that it is never too early for them to make an impact for Christ!

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