What to Expect at Life Church

Visiting a church for the first time can be a little anxiety-provoking for some, especially when they don’t know what to expect. We put together a few frequently asked questions to help with your first visit.

Can I visit if I’m not completely sure of my faith or what I believe?

We welcome everyone to our fellowship! We do want you to know, though, that we strongly believe in the tenets of Christianity and the Holy Bible and you will definitely experience this during your visit with us. However, we are thoughtful about everyone’s spiritual journey and do not intend to be forceful with our convictions. We are more than happy to share the love and knowledge of Christ with you on your journey.

How should I dress?

At newLife we want everyone to be comfortable. You will see many in jeans, while you’ll see others in more dressy attire. It really depends on your preference. Occasionally, we will have a “dress-up” Sunday during which we are all intentional about pulling out our “sunday best.” For the most part, though, attire is casual and comfortable.

Will I be asked to say anything?

We’ll try not to put you on the spot! Pastor Marc typically makes a general statement to acknowledge all first-time visitors and will encourage you to introduce yourself to him after service so that he can meet you personally. Additionally, a member of our embraceLife team will likely extend a personal welcome to you and ask that you complete a visitor’s card so that we can keep in touch.

What is the structure of your service?

We typically start with prayer and then transition into some intentional form of worship, usually a few songs and/or dance led by worshipLife. After that, we sit to share in the Word by way of a sermon or message, usually led by Pastor Marc. We end service with prayer, celebration, and the opportunity to give to God (monetary offerings) and to each other (hugs and fellowship). With all of that said, each service is a new adventure and the order of our services always remains subject to the Holy Spirit!

Should I bring anything with me?

We encourage everyone to come with an open mind and an open Bible! You may also want to bring something to take notes with. Lastly, we take a monetary offering at the end of service and, while we never want first-time visitors to feel obligated to participate, we welcome any contributions you may want to make!